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'A Good Thing' - 90's mega indie dance trio, Saint Etienne come to lo-fi life on the web thanks to Kiss The Frog.
7:12 am , April 16, 2012

‘A Good Thing’ – 90′s mega indie dance trio, Saint Etienne come to lo-fi life on the web thanks to Kiss The Frog.

It’s here! Saint Etienne’s official lo-fi website has hit the digital world in a way that truly defines the Saint Etienne brand to coincide with the release of their new album ‘Words And Music By Saint Etienne’. Kiss The Frog have loved the ride of pulling the site together and everyone is thrilled with the final result.

It has been a long and adventurous journey from the initial conceptualisation to meetings with the band and album art designers – a process which was imperative to ensure that the final online presence truly reflected the brand of Saint Etienne and importantly as well, the theme of their upcoming album.

We went to work to pull together a multitude of assets from the old website – news archives, footage, discography and tracks and then redesigned the user journey to offer a balance between simple architecture and an aethetically clean and brand-consistent visual (note the London-tube-styled navigation).

Saint Etienne are not short of discography and news, so we aimed to create a hub for their fans where they could indulge in all the Saint Etienne history as well as keep in touch with upcoming tours and live event dates. Combining loads of social interatcion, a media and information hub for fans and of course, an avenue to sales, a content management system and a fully responsive design, the new website’s is indicative of the Saint Etienne formula of lo-fidelity and intriguing, quirky visuals.

We’re really chuffed with the results and hope you will be too, so why not head on down and have a look here.