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All right now guys... 'Free' has an official site, courtesy of Kiss The Frog!
4:09 pm , December 20, 2011

All right now guys… ‘Free’ has an official site, courtesy of Kiss The Frog!

It’s the year for vintage rock legends to come of age and get on board with new media. The Kinks, The Who and now the band that spiralled Paul Rodgers into the spotlight, Free, have their official website and Kiss The Frog are happy to announce that the button has been pushed and the site is live and out there for the fans to enjoy!

As we slowly wind down to the end of another year, our final web project before we bid farewell to 2012 has been completed and deployed for all rock music lovers to see.

Free, the band who recorded that song used in a chewing gum advert – that’s the way some recall one of the seminal bands of the late 1960s/early 1970s. Yet here was a British band who might have been around for less than five years, yet their impact was immeasurable.

Singers still measure themselves against Paul Rodger’s cultured tones. Paul Kossoff was a guitar icon. Andy Fraser, just 15 when the band formed, was a bassist and songwriter of the highest calibre. Simon Kirke was a drummer who proved economy could be so potent.

We went to work on this project toward the end of last month, and whilst the site has been put together to coincide with a box set being released in summer next year, the challenge with a name such as ‘Free’ is to get the official site so much SEO exposure from the get-go that by the time the product is out in the market, Free’s online presence is right up there. So here we are, several months before the release, and the first step in maximum online exposure has been completed.

As with other classic rock band sites, Free’s new official website focuses on their discography, video & audio content, social interactivity, registrations and a wealth of information about the band that any fan would relish in. All wrapped up in a content management system to drive the site forward.

Thanks to the guys down at Universal Music for such a comprehensive brief and also to Phil Smee, art director of the new box set, for a treasure-trove of digital assets which has made our job in designing the site that much easier.

All right… now you can check out the new website here: