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Anarchy! Here's the new Sex Pistols.
7:33 am , September 20, 2012

Anarchy! Here’s the new Sex Pistols.

The Frog delivers the brand new ‘unique’ official website, a handful of digital assets including SNS branding and photography for the Sex Pistols.

In true Sex Pistols style, the new official site defies web standards and maintains individuality. Earlier this year, the Pistols’ management team came up with their own ideas on what they wanted to achieve with the new website – needless to say, what it boiled down to was “F**k web standards – we are the Sex Pistols!” So we were presented with designs that were put together by the Pistols’ management team and we had to take them away and build the development that would drive the site.

The development work needed significant attention as the supplied visuals and requirements were not what one would normally expect – but hey, this is the Sex Pistols – so anything goes! Once the development work was completed, we had a mammoth job in migrating decades of content over from the previous website which included news archives and clippings dating back over six years, a huge selection of press and live photos and lots of track and album info, that needed to fit into this new framework. Needless to say, it’s been a long process, but we’re there now and so proud to have been a part of the whole experience.

The new official website, along with a handful of digital assets (mailers, banners, Social Networking branding) all ties in with the re-release of one of the most iconic punk albums of all time, Never Mind The Bollocks.. Here’s The Sex Pistols, celebrating its 35th Anniversary with a selection of brand new digital, super deluxe, vinyl and box set editions. In addition, on Tuesday 18th September, we were invited to shoot a private media & fan event at London’s famous 100 Club where a panel discussed the influence of punk, the Pistols and the upcoming releases to a select number of fans. Including names such as BRIT Award winner Kate Nash, the brilliant director Julien Temple, Clash manager Bernie Rhodes and the lovable John Cooper Clarke amongst others, the night definitely entertained the fiesty crowd – in true Pistols style.

Check out the photos from the event here.

We’re so happy to have worked closely with the Pistols’ management and Universal Music to bring you the brand new official website for the band that invented punk – the legendary Sex Pistols.

Check out the new website here, but be warned, it’s not your average website! :)