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CD cover shoot for Hannah Lewis.
8:40 am , August 8, 2014

CD cover shoot for Hannah Lewis.

A really exciting day yesterday, shooting the ever-so-talented country music artist Hannah Jane Lewis in the Hampshire countryside as part of a campaign for her upcoming CD release.

We’ve worked with Hannah before – designing and building her online presence earlier this year and now, as her new CD is being geared for release, we were approached by Hannah and her management to work together again on shooting a series of photos that will form part of the overall campaign for the CD release along with selecting one for the cover.

Early morning starts are really the best for outdoor countryside lighting and Hannah was ready to go pretty much at the crack of dawn. After the first set of shots, I knew that this was going to be a special shoot. Four hours later we’d wrapped up and the editing process began, and the feedback has been overwhelming. Social media channels are such a good way for artists to engage their fans these days – and a very handy way of gaining interaction by ‘asking’ their fans to choose their favourite photo, thus establishing that ‘real’ connection. Something that was unheard of a decade ago.

Still editing a number of shots, but the initial selection have all been approved by Hannah and her management, so really excited about rolling out the campaign for this talented artist.

Check out a selection of yesterday’s highlights here.