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Flash website for Soda Pictures' Romanian film
2:43 pm , May 25, 2010

Flash website for Soda Pictures’ Romanian film “The Happiest Girl In The World” is now live

Kiss the Frog have delivered the first of a series of promotional websites for Soda Pictures’ upcoming releases – in this instance for the Romanian feature “The Happiest Girl In The World”.

This is the latest high profile feature from the Romanian new wave – an ascerbic comedy that tells the story of Delia (Andreea Bosneag), a girl who wins a car in a competition and the subsequent arguments with her parents about what to do with it. Combining rich irony with familial acrimony, the film’s simple story magnifies the social tensions of a country embracing capitalism and all its shiny promises. The Happiest Girl In The World is the first feature from Radu Jude, and it has attracted awards and acclaim from the festival circuit with its sharp dialogue and superb performances.

The film premieres in the UK this Friday 28th May. You can visit the new website at