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Here we are now. Entertain us. 20 years of Nirvana - helped along by Kiss The Frog
2:44 pm , September 14, 2011

Here we are now. Entertain us. 20 years of Nirvana – helped along by Kiss The Frog

So we’ve been living and breathing Nirvana for the past month or so, with microsites, mailers, Spotify display ads and homepage take-overs, an app, and it all culmiated last night with photography at the launch party of Nevermind’s 20th Anniversary in Brick Lane, hosted by our good pals Universal Music with a list of sponsors including Spotify and Rekorderlig Swedish Cider (yum!). What a turn out it was!

It all started back in June with a massive buzz and big push to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most historic albums of all time, Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind. Universal gave us the initial brief of the huge amount of online and interactive work to come over the next few months which was ultimately to promote the two-week-long Nirvana Exhibition in East London, which launched last night.

Focusing on the Art of Nirvana over the past two decades, including the classic prints that we all know, the initial microsite was geared at getting fans involved by uploading their artwork which gave them the chance of having it displayed at the exhibition. This was then followed by a teaser microsite announcing the 20th Anniversary edition of Nevermind along with some great prizes – a Fender Blacktop Jaguar guitar, limited edition Nirvana vinyl and, in conjunction with Spotify, 12 month premium passes. Of course, this led to promotion via mailers, online display and homepage takeovers.

To complement the actual exhibition, we designed and built a streaming app which allowed for real time scrolling display of any worldwide photos hashtagged with #Nirvana – and it was great to see this on the plasma screen last night.

We saw the beauty of the new interactive Aurasma app – hold your phone onto a wall-mounted print and it scans and then magically overlays a streaming video – great example of the future of mobile technology!

And so we headed on down to Brick Lane last night and saw the great artwork and photography on display, enjoyed a bit of Rekorderlig Premium Cider (how did they know it was my favourite!) and snapped up the event and atmosphere including a sizzling performance by Reggae band Little Roy, who put a really interesting spin on classic Nirvana songs by reggaefying them! And it worked big time – such was the response from the 250+ crowd.

Check out the shots from the night by Liking us on Facebook.

A lot of credit goes to Julian and Ronan from Universal for putting together a great launch and all things leading up to it (with our help of course) :) . Well done guys!