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Ibiza Rocks! So Club Zorba says - Kiss The Frog launch the chic and cool website hub for the clubbers' network!
3:27 pm , June 19, 2012

Ibiza Rocks! So Club Zorba says – Kiss The Frog launch the chic and cool website hub for the clubbers’ network!

We are really excited at having launched the new website for a banging events company – Club Zorba – who specialise in putting together all in one passes for the clubbing isle of Ibiza.

Recently working with Club Zorba @ Ministry Of Sound, London, we snapped up party-goers at their launch night, but it didn’t start OR end there…

Club Zorba was a concept put together last year and for twelve months we have been working on brand, marketing collateral, photography and a staged online presence which has now culminated into a fully fledged site that is aiming to draw visitors to Ibiza into a hub where they can save a heap of money in arranging combination and all-in-one passes to the superclubs on the island. Let’s face it, entry into the clubs ain’t cheap, so Club Zorba are definitely on a winner here.

If judging by the turnout at the private event at Ministry Of Sound is anything to go by, along with their rising social status, Club Zorba seems primed to be the first stop for clubbers jetting off to Ibiza this summer (and the next, and the next!).

The website is something we’re really happy with. The nature of the brand allowed us to get really creative, but the most important element, the eCommerce framework, was something we also focused on getting just right.

We wish James @ Club Zorba all the very best as the passion behind the brand is evident in the team as well as the DJs working with him. Based on the journey of the past twelve months, we are really confident that the name Club Zorba will be synonymous with the Ibiza crowd in the very near future.

Check out the brand new Club Zorba website here!