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Indie quality, unsurpassed. Soda Pictures' independent gems have found their spot on the web!
9:41 pm , June 20, 2011

Indie quality, unsurpassed. Soda Pictures’ independent gems have found their spot on the web!

Toward the end of 2009, we approached independent film distributor Soda Pictures with a marketing strategy for their 2010/11 film releases and formulated a variety of ideas and approaches that we felt would work best to expose these independent gems into the market. More than 12 months on, these masterpieces have breathed their life on the web!

Firstly, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Faith and Kate at Soda. From a creative standpoint, getting a brief that has been researched and thought out properly makes our job THAT much easier (not to mention high quality stills!). Twelve months and six film sites down the line, we are itching to see what Soda has around the corner.

More recently we met Managing Director, Eve Gabereau, with talks on an even more effective solution for Soda’s online presence over the coming years. Innovation is the key, since the web is darting past us at light speed, so we are in the process of gauging the best solution(s) to bring familiarity with independent cinema here in the UK.

I say “Indie quality, unsurpassed.” – It was only recently I watched Focus Features’ “Biutiful” – Javier Bardem’s greatest performance, and possibly one of the greatest, understated, performances of all time. Once the film finished, I thought to myself, I think I’ve seen more Focus Features productions in the past several years than I’ve seen Ben Affleck shooting meteors. The point is, cinema is changing. There will always be a market for the shoot-em-up, popcorn-hour, escapist blockbusters, but movie goers are wanting more and consequently, taking risks – foreign language films, films with non-linear storytelling, quirky films with unknowns – these are the true gems. Bring on independent cinema and thank you to Soda Pictures for your part in this revolution!