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Irie Mon, Jamaica! Kiss The Frog win project to redevelop the website for Smatt's Rum.
10:19 pm , January 25, 2012

Irie Mon, Jamaica! Kiss The Frog win project to redevelop the website for Smatt’s Rum.

We are very fortunate to be working with Smatt’s Rum – considered by many to be the world’s finest tasting rum, dating back to the early days of rum production in the Caribbean.

Late last year we met with the directors of Smatt’s Rum in their offices in London and listened to their ideas and thoughts on taking their existing online presence to the next level and bringing it up to speed with current trends. We then took time to investigate their current site, research other industry-specific patterns and put together a detailed proposal with various options of how to best take the next step in realising the digital evolution of the brand.

We were fortunate enough to be called back in for a meeting recently to discuss the various options in more detail, and we nutted out the best course of action to achieve their goal. A few days ago we were excited to be presented with the news that we were chosen to take the project on and are now going to be delving into development, which will include a complete rebuild of the site with a variety of aesthetic and functional optimisation techniques, along with the most important thing being the ability for them to take ownership of the finished product, so we are going to be creating it on a content managed platform along with ensuring it is up to speed with the latest browsing technologies, significantly mobile and tablet devices.

About Smatt’s Rum.

Smatt’s is one of the finest rums ever produced, dating back to the earliest days of rum production in the Caribbean. Considered by many as the world’s best tasting rum due to its intense smoothness and unique flavours, Smatt’s epitomises the unrivalled quality that has made Jamaica the home of rum. The birthplace of Smatt’s is a historic distillery, beautiful estates surrounded by soaring mountains, pure mineral springs and rich sugar cane fields; elements that all contribute to the Smatt’s phenomenon.

We look forward to beginning work on the project and expect a launch date of late February. Watch this space!