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It's all too beautiful - Definitive 60's band Small Faces gets an official website courtesy of Kiss The Frog.
4:19 pm , February 13, 2012

It’s all too beautiful – Definitive 60′s band Small Faces gets an official website courtesy of Kiss The Frog.

Kiss The Frog have been fortunate again to be involved in bringing another iconic and influential artist to the digital age – this time, meteoric British 60′s band, Small Faces receives a digital makeover in the form of an official website to tie in with the Deluxe Edition releases in the coming months.

Our good friends down at Universal Music approached us just a few weeks ago with the news that Small Faces needed an official website as it was announced that on May 7th 2012, fans would be getting their hands on the deluxe editions of the four albums released by the band during their short but highly creative and eventful lifetime between 1965 and 1969.

So off to work we went, briefed with the keywords “Late 60′s trendy kids meets Hippy Psychedelica”. This meant we just had to put the initial designs together with the flowing sounds of Itchycoo Park and Lazy Sunday in the background.

Compact and tight, the new official site contains all the information you’d want from facts about the original releases, where to buy them, videos, interactive fan photo uploads, social connectivity and all the latest news to keep any Small Faces fan current with what’s happening in the world of the legendary Steve, Ronnie, “Mac” and Kenney.

About Small Faces:

The Small Faces’ rise to the top was meteoric. The band formed in early 1965 and within six weeks they had landed their first record contract; their debut single smashed into the top 20 two months later. To call them iconic, pioneering, inspirational and unique is an understatement. They played a crucial role in creating music which not only helped to define the mid-to-late 1960s, but also became a major part of the foundation of rock music that went on to inspire and influence some of the greatest acts of the last 40 years.

Check out the new Small Faces website here.