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Kiss The Frog are pleased to announce that film composer Hugo De Chaire's new brand and official website is now live.
8:40 am , January 17, 2012

Kiss The Frog are pleased to announce that film composer Hugo De Chaire’s new brand and official website is now live.

British film composer, Hugo de Chaire was recommended to us late last year to design his brand and integrate it into a sophisticated online presence and we are pleased to announce that it has come to fruition.

We initially spoke with Hugo to discuss his ideal visual identity, which encompassed modern sophistication and class – akin to the scores he has composed, and we established that a balanced blend of minimalism and the dramatic was the way forward. We then toyed with a variety of typefaces that would translate well in different media, and eventually agreed on a clean, minimalist brand with ever-so-subtle effects to draw the audience’s attention.

Following on from this, we then went to work on the website. Hugo really wanted to convey a sense of drama and bold production, so we delved into our past experience with film one-sheet design and the final result, whilst maintaining simplicity, leaned towards the “montage” look of Hollywood drama.

It was important for Hugo that the site was a portfolio of works, along with being easily maintained with a news & press section, so we kept copy to a minimum, integrated a workable content management system around it and utilised HTML5 elements to showcase audio and visual works that Hugo has composed for, which included Hollywood films, The Lake House (2006, starring Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock) and M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village (2004, Sigourney Weaver, William Hurt & Joaquin Phoenix).

Hugo is extremely happy with the final result, and we are proud to announce that the site went live last night. Check it out here.