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Kiss the Frog are pleased to announce that FutureSense's 3rd website
9:35 am , August 2, 2010

Kiss the Frog are pleased to announce that FutureSense’s 3rd website “Inspire” has officially launched.

FutureSense’s third website, Inspire (Volunteering Abroad) has gone live. Their most challenging brand proposition has been translated into a very comprehensive and interactive website which allows users to find the exact volunteering programme based on their interests, skillsets and other criteria – offering the user a real sense of “personalisation” when contemplating a career break and life experience.

There has been rigorous competitor and technology research on this particular brand to offer the user both a highly informative and interactive site and balancing this with a simple structure to ensure a pleasing and non-invasive online experience.

Fully content managed using WordPress, Inspire (Volunteering Abroad) utilises a number of optimisation techniques which FutureSense have expressed as being key to their rise in the gap year/career break travel market.

Inspire Volunteering is committed to providing meaningful volunteer work that contributes to worthy causes across the world. They strive to support underprivileged communities by offering responsible, ethical and eco-friendly voluntary work for individuals and groups wanting to make a difference on a career break or gap year abroad. They work closely with non-government organisations, charities and other community based organisations to identify development issues in overseas communities and to coordinate effective volunteer programmes to address these in a sustainable way.

Kiss the Frog are now in development of their fourth and final brand, Travelling to Teach, with expected completion by the end of this month.

You can visit the new website here.