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Kiss The Frog launch new brand and website for composer and orchestrator Jim Barne
4:58 pm , February 28, 2012

Kiss The Frog launch new brand and website for composer and orchestrator Jim Barne

We are very pleased to announce the launch of composer and orchestrator Jim Barne’s website and new brand. This was a real treat of a project as we were able to create a visual which encompassed Jim’s passion for photography, and integrated that into a musically focussed site.

Jim was recommended to us by another client of ours and we had a chat with him to go over what messages he wanted his identity to convey to his audiences. When we saw Jim’s photography, we felt it just had to be incorporated into the visuals as it is second to none. The storytelling behind it and the analog mood was a great starting point to put together visuals for the site and the brand, which we decided straight away, it would all need complementing somehow.

The brand is contemporary, the site is a blend of modern contemporary and vintage / retro – all encompassed in a fully responsive site build. The minimalism of the brand and site navigation is complemented with the bold storytelling behind the full screen slideshow and when one launches themselves into the site, there is still a nice clean feel and no content clutter. The responsive nature of the site build lends itself perfectly to mobile and tablet devices.

Sitting on a content management system, Jim will be able to update all aspects of his site, including audio tracks, blog articles and generic content, and the integration with social networks means his job is minimised with it doing the work for him on this front.

We’re really happy with the final product, as is Jim, and we hope you enjoy the experience. Check it out here: