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6:48 pm , November 19, 2009

Kiss the Frog launches “Film My Face” – a brand new video streaming social networking site

Flex with Film My FaceFilm My Face is live – it’s the YouTube for the aspiring (or uninspiring) actors in us all! After three months of design and development, it launched in the UK on 1st November, aimed at movie lovers and budding actors who quite simply, want to be seen.

Owned and operated by Kiss the Frog, Film My Face was created to complement the ever-growing Web 2.0 social media marketing platforms and provide its users with a niche offering.

Anthony D’Angio, founder of Kiss the Frog says: “The idea of Film My Face was not to compete with or create a clone of YouTube, but moreso to provide people of particular interest groups with an avenue to either showcase their talents or just have a bit of fun.

“When trying to grow a social networking platform, you first have to focus on the element of entertainment, and this is our primary goal for now. Our long term plans are that this will become an avenue for aspiring and unsigned actors to gain exposure in a similar way that MySpace Music has done for recording artists.”

Currently in its third week of operation, the site’s recognisable platform and engaging design is attracting growing interest (with over 10,000 video channel views). Registration is free and some of the facilities for registered members include:

  • the ability to upload and socially share an original video
  • connect with friends and make new ones
  • rate, post and comment on videos
  • create blogs
  • create photo albums and share them

Non-registered members can browse the entire site and view videos and other media but cannot upload, create profiles or post comments. The site is offering an incentive to register and upload an original video by 31st December – a free DVD of the winner’s choice every month for the next 12 months.

Go to Film My Face.