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6:09 pm , February 8, 2010

Kiss the Frog proudly launch Universal Music’s Valentine’s Day Microsite

Kiss the Frog proudly launch Universal Music's Valentine's Day Microsite
As we approach that special time of the year again, Universal Music approached Kiss the Frog to design and develop an interactive microsite to promote their latest release, R&B Love Songs 2010. We came up with the premise of creating a site that would allow users to send personalised messages of love via a branded email template along with the ability to purchase a gift and include it within their email. The important thing here was that it was to be kept simple for the user so as not to sway their interest. The premise is that this mechanism was to be shared between user, recipient and be viralled out across networks via social linking whilst at the same time generating sales for Universal’s artists via the iTunes platform.

The site launches today so please have a look, get involved in sending your loved one that special message.

Visit the site here.