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7:11 pm , May 11, 2010

Kiss the Frog wins FutureSense website and branding development projects

FutureSense logoKiss the Frog have signed a creative agreement with FutureSense to reestablish their online presence through means of website development and design of their new and existing brands Inspire, Challenges Abroad and Travelling to Teach, along with long term brand and visual development of the established Gap Guru and Mondo Challenge.

After several months of research and discussions, a decision was made in the best interest of FutureSense’s long term online vision. With the primary focus on search prominence, FutureSense’s Chief Executive Arvind Malhotra has agreed that the most effective solution is ongoing development with growth in traffic and sales the key objective.

Kiss the Frog’s founder and Creative Director, Anthony D’Angio says, “Future Sense have several very powerful and attractive offerings which we feel we can grow in the right direction to ensure that their key audiences are reached. We are aiming to do this using solid platforms for their key sub-brands. Streamlining the brands and building a digital foundation which has room to grow is essential. We have toyed with numerous avenues of achieving this for some time now, but I believe this has been an invaluable exercise in ensuring we choose the right path to grow the brand and provide results. We’re thrilled to be working with Arvind and the team at FutureSense.”

FutureSense is an ethical business with a strong social motive, committed to promoting the development of local communities and individuals through ethically run volunteer placements and responsible travel. With an increasing presence across the world, they currently work in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. They work with individuals and organisation across a varied spectrum. Whether a student, graduate, working professional or a retired individual, they offer volunteer placements to provide an experience of a lifetime. Working with schools, colleges, corporates and charities to organise overseas programmes that benefit local communities in developing countries across the world while providing the group a challenge or learning/development opportunity.

Visit the FutureSense website.