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Kiss The Frog's cutting edge new website is live and it's full of bells and whistles!
11:12 pm , July 8, 2012

Kiss The Frog’s cutting edge new website is live and it’s full of bells and whistles!

We wanted to wait, but as geeky as we always are, when we got into the heart of the development and started seeing the visual results, we just couldn’t. So rather than shelve it for the next 6 months, we’ve decided to launch the website which depicts what we think is an exciting new era in our business.

With the ever-growing presence of mobile and portable devices, the importance was first and foremost placed on the website’s responsive nature. Resize your browser, and the content adjusts to suit (and sometimes replaces depending on the final resolution). So, a tablet device will reposition elements and even lose some to suit its resolution and not overcrowd the worktop. Smartphones do exactly the same thing. We even decided to stagger a variety of screen resolutions, starting at 1024×768, which we wanted to keep the main elements prominent without cluttering the desktop.

All of this is visually complemented by a supersized full screen background slideshow throughout the site which scales as well! We decided to fix the homepage of the website to the final size of the end user’s browser so that there is zero scrolling and we’ve done this by fixing positioned elements throughout. Onto the homepage, we wanted to really visualise our key projects and messages and make it as interactive as possible. Here is a list of what you can interact with on the homepage:

Slideshow toggle

With the click of a button, you can hide all the obtrusive elements such as navigation, client logos, social links and news articles) to give a nice clean rotation of the key stories in full screen.

Slideshow navigation hide

The circular navigation thumbnails drop off the bottom of the screen with the click of a button.

Bold manual slideshow navigation

You can take ownership of the featured articles and navigate through yourself.


Ok, so it’s all quite subjective, but we have chosen to inject some of our personality into the site, licensing tracks that carry the music style we love which also complements the work we’ve done. But we know not everyone wants to hear it, so feel free to lower the volume or turn it off completely.

Social, social, social

We’re tweeting like mad these days, so a Twitter ticker is also there to keep you updated with what’s going on in the world of The Frog.


Our clients are clearly the most important people to us, so we’ve given them homepage prominence with a fading selection of brands (was going to say above the fold, but hey, there IS no fold here!) :-)

A clean and easy to use navigation system

5 menu items, a few with subs – but overall, very straightforward to get to where you want to go.

And throughout the site, some of these bold elements carry through, such as the full sized background slideshows and the ability to view our site as a screensaver (who’d want to? well, some of the images are really cool!).

What’s really important to us is also balance – we’re not just a production line, but we want to inject a bit of fun, which is why we’ve created the “FUN AND LIFESTYLE” page – which is a casual injection of our personality. The slideshow speaks for itself, but we thought we’d elaborate with some words as well – not too many! Check out InstaFrog as well – easily jump on to get your pics up there.

And on the technical side, we’re excited to have migrated over to a managed dedicated server which helps feed through the high visual content but most importantly, offers us 24/7/365 monitoring and guaranteed 100% uptime, so Flex will always be watching :-)

The content is all still there – we’ve just rethought it and represented it in a much cleaner and, we think, a more modern way.

So XTF2013 has become XTF2012 and we’ve launched it 3 weeks shy of our third birthday. No worries. We hope you enjoy it! Jump to the homepage for a full experience: