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Kiss The Frog's official band shoot of Scottish rock band Big Country 'come up screaming.'
9:42 am , January 16, 2012

Kiss The Frog’s official band shoot of Scottish rock band Big Country ‘come up screaming.’

Kiss The Frog were proud to be a part of the 30th Anniversary event which saw Big Country return to the famous RAK Studios in London to perform two exclusive sessions of their award winning The Crossing album followed by a promotional photo shoot.

It’s not often you get to attend and contribute to an exclusive event which sees a band return to its original recording studios 30 years to the date to celebrate the anniversary of a landmark album and perform it in its entirety in front of an exclusive audience of longstanding fans. Such was the case on Friday when we were asked to shoot both afternoon and evening live sessions, fan meet & greets and an official photo shoot with Scottish rock band, Big Country.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their award winning album, The Crossing, the original members of the band (Bruce Watson, Tony Butler and Mark Brzezicki) along with current frontman, Mike Peters (from The Alarm) and Bruce’s son, the dynamic Jamie Watson, returned to the famous RAK Studios in St.John’s Wood, London, to perform and record the entire album live, which included their massive 80′s hits, In A Big Country, Fields Of Fire and Chance.

The studio ambience was a real treat (along with the sound being completely pristine) and we enjoyed shooting both performances before taking the band members for an official photo shoot up to the famous office of RAK Studios’ founder and producer, the late Mickie Most (Jeff Beck, The Yardbirds, The Cure, Radiohead, Suzy Quattro, Hot Chocolate).

We would like to thank everyone involved for their organisation, participation and patience, especially the guys of Big Country and their esteemed manager, Ian Grant – a great bunch of guys and we wish them all the very best for their forthcoming UK tour!

Big Country with their legendary original singer, the late Stuart Adamson, performing their biggest hit in Glasgow