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Luxury brand Eton Shirts receives a full scale eCommerce site thanks to The Frog.
10:37 am , December 17, 2012

Luxury brand Eton Shirts receives a full scale eCommerce site thanks to The Frog.

In association with our good friends at London-based media agency Lux, we have today launched a revamped full-scale website and eCommerce solution for luxury men’s shirt brand Eton Shirts.

It has been a lengthy assignment, having been approached quite a while back by our friends at Lux to get involved in bringing Eton Shirts’ UK website up to speed with a brand new facelift and a more useable eCommerce solution than what they currently had. We iterated over a number of concepts to get the overall look & feel right and then Eton Shirts took the designs along with our recommendations away and scrutinised over the user experience model we offered and once completely confident in our approach to the site, we got given the go ahead for the development work.

With literally hundreds of products we then gathered all the assets of each individual product (fit, collar type, cuff variation, collar sizes, collection, colours etc.) and went to work in populating the online shop – an intrinsically detailed process, but one that needed to be done to ensure a seamless transition between the old and the new site.

Upon completion, we rigourously tested the buying journey from both the user’s and administrative perspectives and at 8.30am this morning, in conjunction with the launch of Eton’s winter sale, we launched the site. Two hours later, the sales have skyrocketed immediately, outperforming any previous campaigns they have compiled.

We have been advised by our friends at Lux that Eton UK are most pleased with the overall experience of the site and whilst early stages, we are thrilled that it’s kicked off with a bang.

About Eton Shirts

At Eton, we are proud of our heritage which dates back to the year 1928 when Annie and David Pettersson started a new business making fine shirts. Ever since, quality and attention to detail has been the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe that genuine craftsmanship combined with cutting edge weaving technology and a unique finishing process is our key to success. Over the years, we have been able to grow from a small two-person operation in Gånghester, Sweden, to a company known worldwide for our superior quality.

Have a look at the brand new Eton Shirts website here.