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6:27 pm , November 19, 2009

Maximum exposure comes at a price thanks to Green Day

Flex and cameraIt was my good fortune that I managed to attend a private after-arena concert performed by the Foxboro Hot Tubs (aka Green Day) at an intimate venue in Islington at midnight on Monday 1st November. What I didn’t expect was firstly to be able to capture the 3 hour long gig using my SLR and secondly that the official Green Day website would post my photos along with credits and a link back to my site almost immediately after word got out!

This was fantastic exposure, but it did come at a price.. temporarily anyway! With such a huge following around the world, it seemed that the entire fan base decided to launch an assault on my photography site in the space of 24 hours. Having received 425,000 hits and over 19 gigabytes of bandwidth used up in one day, it left me with the everso daunting error message “Error 500 – Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” on my website.

Well needless to say, I had to dig into my wallet for a server upgrade, and now everything’s back to normal.

For those who are interested in Green Day and my concert photography, you can view the portfolio by visiting Anthony D’Angio’s Concert Photography website.