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1:53 pm , October 11, 2009

New and Exciting Dimensions in Website Design: Using Video and Virtual Tour Technology

Wayne Kessler of Accelerated Business Services talks about the growing demand of video in web design. An excerpt of his article is found below.

As a marketing consultant specializing in company branding, social networking, website design, and optimization, I am always reading articles on the latest, most effective techniques in design, optimization, and website navigation. My goal is to use the latest techniques, tactics, and strategies to achieve visibility for my clients, help them to build relationships with their customers, and increase their brand awareness.

To that end, many companies are now adding videos to their websites to increase their value and boost the flow of traffic to their site. Many of the websites you will visit in the coming months will greet you with a video that either pops up, or they will give you an option to view a company or product video.

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