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Take a chance, hit the gas, drive on. The Brook Chivell Band's musical talent has been realised.
9:37 pm , August 8, 2011

Take a chance, hit the gas, drive on. The Brook Chivell Band’s musical talent has been realised.

We thought we were excited about the work we’ve done for BCB, which includes band photography, website design & build, brand identity and product design, but we only knew excitement when we listened to the master tracks on their recently released debut CD. All I can say is these guys are destined for Music City!

Kiss The Frog took the opportunity to meet with the guys when in Melbourne a couple of months ago and we were exposed to their “almost” optimised tracks. Having heard the development since late last year, to hear what these guys have achieved in such a short amount of time has really got us excited. First came the brand – The Brook Chivell Band, or BCB as we say, and as Brook himself says – it’s about the band (funnily enough Zac Brown says the same thing!). The logo is one of our favourites. It combines a nice urban, almost grungy feel, with a stylised contemporary graphic (yes it’s meant to be a guitar-type ornament!) to give the band a modern flavour.

Onto the website – well, that’s almost there. We’re just waiting on the final stack of content from the boys – who clearly are very busy with promotional work at the moment, but I’m told it’s not far off! We can’t wait to showcase it and get it up there for the world to see.

Feedback on the music has been nothing short of overwhelming. Rob & Erica @ love it – in fact Rob gave the boys a real plug on his show here in the UK a couple of weeks back and played several of their songs. Drive On, possibly one of the catchiest choruses I’ve ever heard, is a real road trip belter, whilst the duet Always You, featuring Elise Beattie can’t help but make you emotional. The track that really stands out for me in terms of songwriting, musical talent and just general “get my boots on go on a bender” type vibe is Thrills’n'Spills (I can actually see the guys opening a bar with the same name in Nashville as their next venture!). And then there’s their translation of one of the most famous Australian songs of all time, Flame Trees by Cold Chisel – dare I say, I prefer it to the original. Brook, Anthony, Paul, Dan and Ray are truly the right mix. It was refreshing to see such a comraderie when I was at the studio in Melbourne.

So onto the brand and packaging design – well, you can see it here. We received several signed copies of the CD we photographed, designed and put together (Flex even got his photo taken on the back cover!) and the sound production (by Grammy Award Winning producer Adam Ayan from Portland no less), is pristine.

Join the guys on Facebook and come back soon to check out when their website goes live. (Hopefully this month!).