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The 'Dirty Rider' has been framed!
11:46 pm , January 23, 2013

The ‘Dirty Rider’ has been framed!

Mikill Pane, the popular hip-hop artist from Hackney, London, gets a revitalised new website courtesy of The Frog.

Mikill Pane had an existing content-managed website, and we were approached by Mercury Records to see if we could build on it – the artist had some specific elements that he wanted to bring into his online presence and going forward, the idea is to integrate his online store directly into his artist website. So we took a look at the existing website – which served its purpose – but the drawback was that due to the out-of-the-box nature of the development, it meant building and growing it was going to cause some headaches.

So we came up with a solution. The site worked well, and the additional integration was only going to further engage users, and we suggested that we take what was currently there and redevelop it from a blank canvas. This meant that the site would retain the entire core framework and subsequently would ensure building upon it and growing it would be a breeze.

We made some alterations to layout and recoded the site in a way that would make updating it a treat rather than a ball-ache. In addition, the new functional and social elements that were needed have been implemented, including a full screen video background slideshow on the homepage, a bespokely written Instagram horizontal carousel which pulls in Mikill’s snapshots, the introduction of a news section and a few overall front end style adjustments to ensure a more consistent browsing experience.

Now, Mikill’s website can move forward with promise – and the integration of his online store, when ready, will be a straightforward process.

Mikill Pane’s website went live at 10pm tonight, launching as he was in the BBC Radio 1 studio with Phil Taggart and Alice Levine, and we’re happy to share it ’round. Check it out here.