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The Frog contributes to Eurovision 2013
7:05 am , May 1, 2013

The Frog contributes to Eurovision 2013

Our good friends at Universal entrusted us to put together a multi-social-feed based microsite in preparation for the yearly song contest, Eurovision 2013.

Similar to the recent build of Ultimate Pop Stars, the page needed to pull in several social elements from the various networks into one central area so that fans of Eurovision have a hub to which they can visit and keep up to date with the latest happenings in the lead up to the May contest. Additionally, the release of Eurovision 2013 – The Album, needed a central gateway from which sales could be generated.

The site encompasses interactive audio widgets, a video carousel, Tumblr news embeds, competitions, Soundrop Room embeds, Twitter feeds, Pinerest and Instagram widgets along with a push toward the Facebook promotion on the very visual covers and artwork that the people at Eurovision have put together.

We’re very happy to have done our part for the annual event in the form of this one page microsite – so please do have a look and show your support!

Visit the new Eurovision 2013 page here.