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The Frog designs augmented reality interface for The Kinks iOS app
7:40 am , September 4, 2012

The Frog designs augmented reality interface for The Kinks iOS app “Living Sleeve Notes”

Aurasma – a radical piece of software that represents the future of mobile technology – has been used as a framework for a new iOS app based around iconic legends The Kinks and we welcomed the challenge of pulling together the interface which now sees the app live on the App Store.

It was an interesting approach to promote a legendary band’s upcoming release – create an interface which becomes a kind of Wikipedia for every track on the release – turn it into a mobile experience – and then link it together with Aurasma to allow users to experience a new way of browsing the app – by listening to songs. Put simply, when launched, The Living Sleeve Notes app will go into listening mode. If one of the songs on the band’s upcoming release is triggered or playing in the background, the app will recognise the track and immediately return the track’s page which contains a wealth of information such as release dates, label info, producer, writer, cover versions that have been done, images, videos, a synopsis – basically the kind of stuff a die hard fan would be interested in experiencing.

So why not just “Google” it? Well one could.. if one wanted to. But it seems we are seeing more and more apps going into ‘Siri’ mode (hands-free mode). Why type when you can let the available technology do the work for you? Makes sense, right?

So we’re happy to announce that The Kinks – Living Sleeve Notes launched on the App Store on 31st August and we hope it does well to promote the band’s upcoming release and also serve as an information hub for The Kinks’ fanbase worldwide. Thanks again to the guys down at Universal Music for entrusting us with the design!