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The Frog has the pleasure to work with world-class British country duo, The Shires.
11:47 am , July 9, 2014

The Frog has the pleasure to work with world-class British country duo, The Shires.

We are very proud and excited to announce that we are designing and building the website of this exciting country duo, who are making a lot of noise with their incredible vocals and talent.

The Shires, made up of Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle, are capturing the hearts of a lot of fans already, and with their album looming, the country music scene is definitely going to be in for a treat. We first had the pleasure of listening to The Shires when they performed at the BBC Media Cafe before Brad Paisley’s exclusive BBC taping and I personally remember the chills that went up my spine when the two of them brought their vocals together.

We’ve since seen and heard both Crissie and Ben at various events and having been signed to Universal Music (Decca) we’re very fortunate to be starting work on their full scale website over the coming weeks in preparation for their album launch later in the year.

This duo – is quite simply – world class. Their harmonies and chemistry put them right up there with the best of Nashville sounds. It’s no wonder BBC legend Bob Harris is rigorously promoting them, along with Universal’s new brand Sounds Like Nashville (and we’re trying to do our bit as well!).

We are really excited about getting stuck into the project and working closely with the team at Decca as well as Crissie and Ben, and look forward to bringing you their website over the coming months.

Watch this space. In the meantime, check out the video of their first single, Nashville Grey Skies below.