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The Frog launches a portfolio gallery website for British artist Jane Nicholas Barne
10:58 am , November 21, 2012

The Frog launches a portfolio gallery website for British artist Jane Nicholas Barne

In keeping with our diverse nature of clients, we were recently recommended to the talented British watercolour and acrylic artist Jane Nicholas Barne to present her with a sophisticated and clean gallery website.

We met back with Jane a couple of months ago in her idyllic country home (not surprising the inspiration an artist can get from the fabled British countryside) – and she showed us a range of her works and explained what she wanted to get from her website. First and foremost was something that reflected her sensitivity to nature and the passion that goes into her artwork. Secondly, she wanted a site that was easy to maintain and continually apply new artwork and content, as a lot of her work is getting exposure in private collections.

So we accumulated a selection of her artwork to scan and reproduce digitally (which is not easy!) and created a responsive website based on a timeline model where all her best work is displayed right from the outset using a chronological slider. The rest of the site needed minimal, but just enough content to convey Jane’s sentiments toward her work.

About Jane

Her early childhood being spent.on the Wiltshire/Dorset border surrounded by wonderful countryside,animals and a beautiful garden which no doubt heightened her sensitivity.There she was encouraged to to make her representation of what she saw. There is no doubt that her drawings have been influenced by the time she spent etching as they show how much tone can be achieved with no more than a 6B pencil. Jane has continually exhibited her work and many now hang in private collections.

Click here to view the brand new gallery website.