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8:21 am , March 4, 2010

The iPad and email: What you need to know

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in late January, the hype obscured the facts, making it difficult for to determine what effect, if any, Apple’s new tablet computer would have on e-mail marketing. But with at least 12 million people expected to buy iPads this year and next, according to Piper Jaffray, it’s worth looking beyond the puffery to see how marketers need to accommodate the product.

A few weeks after the iPad’s introduction, Pivotal Veracity, a division of marketing solutions provider Unica, sent out a press release announcing that its MailboxIQ deliverability tracking solution had already been modified to support the iPad. So it seemed logical to ask Michelle Eichner, vice president of e-mail products for Pivotal Veracity, for her take on iPads and e-mail.

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