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'The Wait' is over. L Marshall's website takes centre stage.
8:32 pm , May 8, 2012

‘The Wait’ is over. L Marshall’s website takes centre stage.

Captivating and charismatic London born singer and songwriter L Marshall has a brand new website thanks to Kiss The Frog and his label Mercury Records. The site is launched in conjunction with the release of his mixtape The Wait Pt 2 and his upcoming nationwide tour with Wretch 32.

A couple of months ago we were approached by Mercury Records to put together a pitch for designing and developing the website for this incredible vocalist, and we were successful in securing the project last month. Since then we’ve been hard at it, conceptualising some punchy visuals which L himself oversaw and upon giving the final nod, we pulled it all together and began development on the site.

A media driven site full of video, imagery and social integration, L’s new site sits on a solid content management system, allowing for regular updating of content including media, tour dates, gig tickets and blog articles, keeping it consistently fresh and thereby acting as a central hub for his growing number of fans.

Featuring a very dynamic and rich ‘hero’ slot, which needed prominence throughout the site, we have created a new level of depth to the visuals which are akin to the depth L Marshall has in his songwriting and performing, as is evident in his release of The Wait Pt 2 and his new single ‘Sing For Tomorrow’ with Sneakbo.

About L Marshall

Now London-born L Marshall is ready to take centre stage as a solo artist in his own right. A captivating, charismatic writer and performer, the 24 year-old is an incredible vocalist who treads the taut line between commercial appeal and underground credibility. Listen to his recently released mixtape, The Wait, and you’ll find it impossible not to be won over by L’s skilled songwriting, tempo-twisting compositions and genre-refining vocal; we might be familiar with the rapper that sings (Drake), but L is the singer that raps. L explains,

I’ve always had this style, I call it ‘rhythmic singing. I actually started out as a rapper until I discovered I was a pretty good singer and I started to blend the two. But I didn’t realise, until Drake came along, that it would be acceptable to do both. Rappers like Drake, and Ja Rule to an extent before him, showed how it’s done one way; I’m trying to show you how to do it the other!

Signed to Mercury Records in April 2011, L has spent the last few months recording his debut album with an A-list line-up of hitmakers including Jerry “Wonder” Duplessis (T.I., Lupe, Mary J Blige), Supa Dups (Drake, Eminem, Bruno Mars) and Novel (Gaga, Jason Derulo). He’s also been busy penning tracks with the likes of Fraser T. Smith (Florence, Adele, Beyoncé), for JLS, Kelis and Cheryl Cole. Of his debut album, L says,

I want it to have everything from dark hip-hop to straight up global pop. Nothing less than that.

With influences ranging from Tupac, Aerosmith, Enya, Daft Punk and Lady Gaga, you can be assured his debut album will be as eclectic, diverse and, indeed, global as his upbringing.

We definitely think he’s got the goods, as is evident in his music style and vocal range.
Check out L Marshall’s new website here!