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Turn on. Tune in. Play something Country.'s online presence is alive and kicking around the world!
9:17 pm , August 10, 2011

Turn on. Tune in. Play something Country.’s online presence is alive and kicking around the world!

It’s here! Kiss The Frog have given the UK’s premier online country radio station a facelift and everyone is completely over the moon. Grab your guitar, lock up your chickens and bootscoot along to to dive into a massive realm of country music.

Back in June, we met Rob Fielder and his wife Erica at the Zac Brown gig in Shepherd’s Bush and immediately saw their passion for the country genre and its promotion here in the UK. With more and more big name acts coming over and receiving incredible reception, we thought it was time to talk to them about combining our love for the genre with our online expertise and developing their interactive website so that fans here in the UK can feast on the delights from the other side of the pond.

So off to work we went, receiving ample positive feedback throughout the journey. Key integrations included audio streaming, user gallery uploads, real time Billboard Country chart updates, social feeding, live events booking functions, album releases, a user community where people can register and receive exclusive content, what’s playing now, videos, shows.. the list goes on. It’s definitely a “world” of country music.

We now listen to the show regularly – it’s still quite a buzz to hear British-accented presenters announcing Brad Paisley or Jason Aldean, but the quality of the shows are top notch (not to mention the playlists!). Maybe we did get some inspiration during the design of the site since we had 2country playing through the office with the spell of recent warm weather (hmmm, or maybe we had bilocated to Tennessee and didn’t know it!).

Back from the tangent now – the site is built on a sophisticated content management system which allows Erica (I’m told!) to manage it with ease. We started off redesigning their brand – giving it a real country flavour whilst keeping it contemporary. We’ve just been told that the logo has been pressed onto t-shirts – looking forward to that on. Next stop – training. But first, I think I just heard the intro to This is Country Music – let me put my boots on…

We are looking forward to seeing Rob & Erica at the Brad Paisley gig at O2 this month!

Check out’s new website here!