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Unity in Diversity. The Frog Gets serious. Speak To The Future – The campaign for languages receives a full scale site thanks to The Frog.
1:40 pm , July 5, 2012

Unity in Diversity. The Frog Gets serious. Speak To The Future – The campaign for languages receives a full scale site thanks to The Frog.

It’s been a long and challenging process, but a very fruitful one now that we can happily announce that the important charity Speak to the future, has launched their brand new full scale website thanks to The Frog.

Late last year we were recommended to Speak to the future by a client of ours to meet and discuss their long term plans for the Campaign For Languages. We had a very beneficial meeting and walked away with a clear understanding of what the client wanted to convey and achieve – maintaining a very customisable website and finding the perfect balance of content and design so that it would appeal to a vast array of target audiences.

The campaign is all about languages and the importance of language in our society, and we relished in taking on a project that was a little outside of the norm for us. We took ownership of the entire process – from initial visuals, to laying out content, bespoke development work to a concise brief, image sourcing and web hosting.

The exposure within social media for Speak to the future was already gaining momentum, with high profile ambassadors on board, such as Larry Lamb (Gavin & Stacey, Eastenders), politician Hadleigh Roberts and media figure Richard Hardie. It was a challenge to ensure that the site did not convey a completely corporate look and feel as the topical nature of the campaign needed to ensure that the interest of all audiences was retained.

Paramount to the success was also the attention to detail in the development work – ensuring full customisation was possible once we handed over the site and we spent a lot of time developing the framework to ensure the majority of elements visible throughout are completely dynamic and customisable by the client.

About Speak to the future

Speak to the future – the campaign for languages – is highlighting the importance of languages, language learning and professional language activities for the UK. Targeting the public, media, government and policymakers, we aim to push languages up the agenda, and to bring about a step-change in attitudes and policy. The campaign has five clear and ambitious objectives that set out the value of learning and using other languages in all sectors of education and at all stages of life. For each objective, the campaign has formed a working group of leading experts in the field.

It’s a great feeling to be given accolades on the work we have produced for our client from the board and their sponsors – including the European Commission, and off the back of a successful event last week, we are more than pleased to announce that the new website is live.

Visit the new Speak to the future website here!