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Vaya con dios! The Frog builds a live image feed for MTV Australia and Sol Beer.
9:42 am , October 17, 2013

Vaya con dios! The Frog builds a live image feed for MTV Australia and Sol Beer.

We were approached for an urgent project by MTV Australia to design and create a live social image feed for a competition held by Sol Beer in Melbourne.

MTV Australia had a very tight deadline to deliver this project and we came to the rescue with a solution that was geared at marketing the hashtag #solmtvmelb out to street party-goers in order to win loads of prizes.

Once live, the site’s framework will be pushed out into the MTV website and embedded into Facebook as an app for users to see their hashtagged photos in real time. For this competition, the framework pulls in images from both Twitter and Instagram, but we’ve built it so that it can accommodate most social networks, including Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest – basically any network that runs their feed on an XML file. So going forward, MTV Australia can reuse this framework for other campaigns.

The tricky element was the requirement of a moderation layer – MTV wanted the ability to approve any images that were tagged in order to moderate and filter unwanted content, so we came up with a solution in the backend which allows the client to assess the images that were being hashtagged before publishing them to the site.

A great little application that works well for events and campaigns – we did something similar a couple of years ago for a Nirvana exhibition in London which proved so successful that it prompted MTV to contact us to get on board. Great working with the boys Downunder!