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We are proud to launch the online presence of film director Martha Fiennes' exciting new visionary product, SLOimage.
9:50 am , October 5, 2010

We are proud to launch the online presence of film director Martha Fiennes’ exciting new visionary product, SLOimage.

We have been working very closely with film director Martha Fiennes over the past few months to bring to life her visionary new product “SLOimage” and are very pleased to announce the live launch of her online presence. Due to the innovation and vision of this product, the initial launch of the site is available to prospective clients only, and therefore is password-protected.

Working with Martha has been an absolute pleasure – she knew what she wanted and we were there to help guide her through the myriad of ideas in her mind and provide her with an avenue to visualise this properly online and generate an air of exclusivity to her users and prospects.

We cannot divulge any more finer details about SLOimage, but suffice to say that this is a breakthrough concept in imagery utilising a breathtaking new visual medium platform.

Martha says, “Kiss The Frog was recommended to me to design and mount a website to show off a new concept in imagery that I am developing.

“I can say without hesitation that Anthony was a fabulously professional, intelligent, responsive, open and easy person to have worked with.

“In order to give the final ‘thumbs up’ to the site, I naturally had to go through the process of supplying the basic material – and then making a host of changes to the site in order to become confident and ultimately happy. Every time I asked Anthony for a change, it was completed within 24 hours, accompanied by a wonderfully efficient and explanatory email.
I was never made to feel awkward about changes and tiny tweaks – despite a few times going back on what I had said – and Anthony was always ready with creative suggestions and excellent technical know-how to guide me through it.

“He is excellent – and also great fun to chat to, open, clearly extremely creative and positive in all the right and genuine ways. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I would work again with him in a heart-beat.”

Thanks for those kind words Martha!

About Martha Fiennes:

Martha Fiennes has directed two feature films, Onegin and Chromophobia. Her directorial debut, Onegin, was an adaptation of the Alexander Pushkin’s verse novel Eugene Onegin, which starred her brother Ralph in the title role. The film won much praise and she won the Best Director Award at the Tokyo Film Festival and the Best Newcomer Award at the London Film Critic’s Circle. Following Onegin, Martha wrote her second feature film, Chromophobia – an original multi-stranded drama which comprised an all start case (featuring brother Ralph, Penelope Cruz, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Sir Ian Holm and Ben Chaplin) and closed the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. She has also directed TV commercials in both the UK and the USA.