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We are very excited to announce that Kiss The Frog 2011 is now live!
7:50 am , January 3, 2011

We are very excited to announce that Kiss The Frog 2011 is now live!

The new year is upon us and we have taken this opportunity to research and evolve our online presence, both aesthetically and functionally, and after weeks of combining the holidays with late nights working, we’re well excited with the results. We hope you are too!

Kiss The Frog, along with its online presence, launched in mid-2009 with an initial basic website aimed at establishing a visual identity (v1). As the business established itself, we then took this apart in October 2009 (v2) and reshuffled key aspects of the site, introduced a blog with the aim to create a resource bank of information for the creative industry. The following months generated a surge of business with the establishment of a client base and this led to a rethink over the Christmas and New Year period of 2009/10 when we totally overhauled the site (v3) by introducing a more functional and accessible user journey with strong content, portfolio of works, a more integrated blog system and generally a bolder and punchier visual skin to complement this.

2010 was definitely a year of establishment and growth – our client base strengthened; we received numerous recommendations within the industry which has led to more work and sustained growth and this has resulted in a growing range of skills and deliverables which has led us to where we are now – a revitalised evolution of our business.

As we believe is important, brand evolution is a must. A strong brand does not change over time, but it does evolve with the times – this is not directly linked or limited to a logo, but moreso a visual identity, which has led us to revisit what 2010 brought to the table and then assess a) what we want to achieve and b) how we want to position ourselves in 2011.

How this all translates digitally is through a new look website – containing a lot of the successful elements of the v3 site, but introducing a number of key integrations which will strengthen our position and hopefully help us grow over the next twelve months. Some of the changes to the site are:

  • a new navigation system which separates global items and highlights our core services;
  • more structural promotional slots which highlight key aspects, clients, testimonials and news articles;
  • a live ticker to keep you up to date in real time as to what’s going on with Kiss The Frog;
  • a calendar of events, again, to keep our clients in the loop as to our whereabouts and upcoming appointments;
  • better accessibility options such as user font size customisation;
  • numerous interactive elements incorporating sliding content and user-triggered galleries;
  • a mobile device-friendly design;
  • a fully integrated powerful SEO solution and;
  • bolder and more relevant content.

Complementing this is a more balanced design blend of our brand, which aims to convey fun, innovation, dedication, growth and professionalism.

As we said, we are VERY excited with the final product and hope you enjoy browsing through the new-look Kiss The Frog 2011 website. Comments and feedback are always welcome :-)