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3:10 pm , October 10, 2009

Web 3.0? Semantic Web? What’s all this guff about?

In the heart of Silicon Valley, at what is referred to, somewhat romantically, as the ‘web’s edge’, something is stirring.

A new type of internet is being imagined, far more powerful that the one which lets you link up with your friends or watch a video uploaded by a stranger.

In a little over a decade, according to the engineers building the internet of tomorrow, the web will be able to connect every aspect of our digital lives – be it a website, an e-mail, or a file on our PC – to every other aspect. It will know, for instance, when you are typing an e-mail, what the subject of the e-mail is, and be able to suggest websites and books as well as documents, photos and videos you have saved that may be relevant to that topic.

Check out some of these excellent presentations that help you understand Web 3.0 in simple English.