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4:59 pm , December 1, 2009

What is Web 3.0?

When the web was initially introduced, it was called web 1.0 which means it was a very simple, the read-only web. Here, advertisers had to highly depend on the advertising agencies to change or edit the content (if needed).

Then the web 2.0 arrived which is a social web. The web 2.0 brought various features along with it such as Content Management System (CMS), RSS feeds, blogs etc. this means now the advertisers can themselves edit or change any content. Also, they can generate a lot of information on their blogs on everyday basis. It’s all about networking.

But, the web developers are always in search of something new. And thus, the invention of the next generation web i.e. web 3.0 is by far the biggest discovery.

The web 3.0 is basically an extension to the existing Web 2.0. Compared to Web 2.0 which was basically a social networking web, Web 3.0 is semantic web which is considered to be more intelligent web. A semantic web helps the computer to read and use the web. Now, one can read, write and execute the web. The semantic web is all about the meaning of the data.

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