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Branding.  It defines you. it creates you. and ultimately, it propels you.

  • Tim McKay

    Artist brand identity design - logo & website rollout

  • Jim Barne

    Artist brand identity design - logo & website rollout

  • Hugo de Chaire

    Artist brand identity design - logo and website rollout

  • The Brook Chivell Band

    Brand identity design - logo, digital & promotional rollout

  • Lux

    Brand identity design - logo and digital rollout

  • Digital North Agency

    Brand identity design - logo and digital rollout

  • Security Software Solutions

    Brand identity design - logo & digital rollout

  • Resolution Marketing

    Brand strategy - logo and stationery design

Though brand development is by no means a new idea, today consumers have more access to information and more choices than ever before. The result is higher expectations, and the brand’s message must captivate the consumer immediately.

Companies seeking to experience long-term success will have to create the most compelling, relevant and consistent brand experiences for their customers. Our mission is to create powerful ideas for brands and society. We do this by:

Being different.

Breaking convention to create impact for our clients and resonance with their target audience.

Being responsible.

Taking ownership and having pride in our work.

Aiming high.

Our ambition is to make brands famous. Let us propel your brand.

Brand services:

  • Strategic research of your brand
  • Market trends analysis
  • Visual identity (logo) design, including various rollouts for digital & print
  • Existing brand repositioning strategies