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Interactive apps .  All the ultra-creative stuff that we love to go to town with.

Interactive applications are intended to engage the user, whilst being visually pleasing. These environments allow a user to interact with the elements on the screen to produce a desired result. Users make choices and different things happen. The one caveat to this approach is that the applications have to work.

There are numerous reasons for launching interactive applications – it could be brand awareness through a viral element (game or video), launch of a new product, digitising offline material into eBrochures or simply to add a further dimension to a website.

Social media applications have been all the rave over the past few years, and whilst stand-alone applications still do generate a lot of interest, the increasing compatability and integration options across a wide range of frameworks allows for more relevant development of these applications.

All of our applications are thoroughly tested and approved before arriving at their final destination, whether it be a CD/DVD or live on the internet.

Interactive services:

  • Multimedia presentations
  • Viral Games
  • Flash Applications
  • Video & Audio Editing
  • Mobile Applications
  • DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring
  • Interactive eBrochures
  • 3D Rendering and walk-throughs
  • Social Media Applications
  • YouTube In-Video Display Ads
  • Online Forms