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The Social Web .  "This is the world that we live in - The Killers, 2008"

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are household names and Google Plus and Pinterest is flying to the fore, so lacking a presence on these social media giants is no longer an option.

While Facebook maintains a clean and consistent style throughout their network, which has contributed to its overall success, there are still options for customising Facebook pages to pull in dynamic content or visually stand apart while maintaining the integrity of the page. We can create custom Facebook pages for your brand, integrating promotions, specific user-content, linking to other social media accounts or website information.

Complemeting this, we can customize your Twitter profile or YouTube channel to keep your brand consistent, as well as integrate it into your Facebook account for more streamlined updating.

Using powerful technology, we can seamlessly integrate your existing website with your social media presence – be that via Facebook or Twitter Connect functionalities, direct feeds from your site into your social networks or via bespoke applications – these days, all these avenues contribute greatly toward giving your brand the exposure it needs or adding further boost to a marketing campaign at a much more attractive cost than premium advertising.

Social media services:

  • Social network visual identity
  • Social applications
  • Unique Facebook content driven by user-level
  • Branded social pages for businesses, artists, groups and individuals
  • Seamless integration between other campaigns and social networks
  • Advanced Facebook & Twitter Connect
  • Instagram / Flickr API website intergration for rich visual content