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Benedict Wormald .  

Fine English Company“Having spent perhaps ten years developing a concept for my business in my mind and actually realising that concept over the past eighteen months, I had a very clear picure of what I wanted the customer experience to look and feel like. Bringing creative and website together is a very daunting task for the uninitiated – it requires vision, patience and focus whilst leading the client through the journey.

Kiss the Frog have these qualities in abundance and the initial visuals that were submitted tipped us all on our heads – they were breathtaking. Taking that creative through to a full website was a mere formality. Every key decision was placed with subtle guidance, important issues like search engine optimisation were implicit – not an afterthought or additional cost.

Kiss the Frog have a very practical combination of technical, creative and photographic talent – a true ‘one-stop-shop’. Once I relinquished control for delivery, I was confident that every step, decision and process was made with purely our best interests at heart, freeing me up to run my business. I cannot fault Anthony in any way at all – the experience vastly exceeded my expectations and I see us working with him for many years in the future.”