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Martha Fiennes .  

Marthe Fiennes“Kiss The Frog was recommended to me to design and mount a website to showcase a new concept in imagery that I am developing. I can say without hesitation that Anthony is a fabulously professional, intelligent, responsive, open and easy person to have worked with.

In order to give the final thumbs up to the site, I naturally had to go through the process of supplying the basic material – and then making a host of changes to the site in order to become confident and ultimately happy. Every time I asked Anthony for a change, it was completed within 24 hours, accompanied by a wonderfully efficient and explanatory email.

I was never made to feel awkward about changes and tiny tweaks – despite a few times going back on what I had said – and Anthony was always ready with creative suggestions and excellent technical know-how to guide me through it. He is excellent – and also great fun to chat to, open, clearly extremely creative and positive in all the right and genuine ways. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I would work again with him in a heartbeat.”