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Rob & Erica Fielder .“When looking to expand our online presence and rebrand our company, we turned to the expertise of Kiss the Frog.

Initially, Anthony visited us on-site to find out more about the company, our vision and most importantly – to listen. Within 24 hours we had 4 new brands to think over; we loved them all so much that it was hard to choose. Once we had made a final decision on the new branding the build of the website begun. When the first set of visuals came in for the website it surpassed any expectations we had. As the build progressed we were able to see each stage of the development meaning we had input at any point.

Because of the expertise and vision of Kiss the Frog, has been propelled to heights that we could have only dreamt of. Our website is now one of the best in the UK in our specialist area; most of our users have even set it as their home page!!! We now have our new branding printed on T-Shirts which are causing quite a stir when the team are out at events… so much so we have asked Kiss the Frog to include merchandising to our website!

Here at we can’t thank Anthony enough for all his hard work and creative flair and would whole heartedly recommend Kiss the Frog to anyone and everyone who is looking for any design or branding needs.”