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Our fun & lifestyle .  Work... It's all about fun.

What would life be without a bit of fun to complement the love and hard work we put into our clients’ brands?

Here’s a thought.. Imagine if this website was all about what we do, who we do it for and why we’re good at it. Well for the most part it is, along with thousands of other company websites – let’s face it, we are trying to convince you that we can help you out! But one thing that’s very important to us is that we inject some personality and character into what we do, so this page is all about what makes us able to do the work we do at the high quality that is expected… It’s called having fun and giving a bit of an insight as to the kinds of things we thrive on outside of XTF HQ.

The world is filled with amazing things – too much emphasis is placed on what’s wrong in the world – but there’s a hell of a lot that’s right. At the end of the day (literally!), if you can look back on what you’ve done and nod your head with a grin, then I’d say you’ve beaten the system.

The kinds of things that we love are encapsulated in the rotating slideshow you can see here. From music to coffee, sport to photography, fine spirits to travel. We can’t do it all at once, but that’s the beauty. With so much variety at hand, there’s never a shortage of fun!

Photography is awesome – it lets you breathe.

Jump in the car at ungodly hours and snap the world. InstaGram has helped enormously lately with the convenience of being able bring the creativity out of someone on the fly. if you love photography, you can see the world in such a different light! We’ve taken over a quarter of a million shutter impressions over half a dozen cameras in the past several years. That’s IMPRESSIVE!


Everyone’s got a favourite place or region. Ours is without question, The Carribbean. Nothing is more intoxicating than a reggae-induced siesta on the cliffs of Negril in Jamaica. We aren’t discriminating through – we can also handle the Med, the Scottish Highlands, our motherland Downunder and not forgetting the vast diversity and sheer awesomeness of the 50 states. Road Trip #2 is certainly on the cards.

We love a tipple.

Again, we’re eclectic in this way. A bitter-sweet concoction of Campari, Bitter lemon and fresh orange juice, a neat 16 year old Lagavulin (our favourite single malt), a sunny Caipirinha, a warm cosy Christmassy Amaretto and lime, the holy Black Stuff, and for the heat (and wisdom teeth), why not some flaming Sambucas… Not all mixed together though, although might be worth a try. Maybe not in this lifetime.

Oh when the Saints…

Opening ourselves up to a passionate debate, but we do love our Saints – erm, of the St.Kilda Football Club variety that is. The last time they won a premiership was before our lifetime, and heartbreak occurred in 2010 when it was theirs for the taking only to end up a draw at the final siren with a replay the following week resulting in a smashing. Nevertheless, continents and oceans will not stop us from following the greatest football code in the world – even if it has to be at 4.30am on ESPN… Carn’ the Saints!


Where to start. We don’t have a specific genre that we focus on. This is pretty evident in the long list of artists & style that we can listen to. From classical to reggae, country & western to heavy metal, there’s no end to what we like. The list could go on forever, but off the top of our head, the mainstays are Green Day, Bob Marley, Deep Purple, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Whitesnake and Ennio Morricone (best film composer EVER!). Music is life!

“I want the world chico, and everything in it.”

This might sound controversial, but a lot of life truths can be forged from watching Scarface. One of the best characters that has ever emanated out of Hollywood played by the greatest actor of our time. We do love Tony Montana (and recently Michael Bolton for his great tribute with The Lonely Island), but it doesn’t stop there. With full Italian blood to back us up, the likes of The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Carlito’s Way, Underbelly, Once Upon A Time In America, Casino, Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale – there’s no shortage of the kings of film and possibly the most quoted genre of our time. Every time we start a new project, our mantra is “I’m reloaded!”

Wake up.

Coffee serves its purpose – I won’t lie. Without it, I can’t start the day. But discovering the fine flavours of good roasted blends is something of a treat, whether we’re out in London in between meetings or simply as an indulgence, it sparks life. It increases productivity and it puts a smile on our face!

So there you have it. Just a short list of the things that make us tick outside of XTF HQ. We’re not just a production line, we’re humanphibians  – and we know how to have fun. Without this balance, the quality of our work – and most importantly – our lives, would suffer.

Thanks for listening. Now, back to work! ;-)