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Who we are .  Here to help - Here to develop - Here to impress. We. Are. Here.

In this ultra-competitive world, businesses and consumers place increasing importance on brands. Brands give us an identity, stimulate our senses and enrich our life experiences. Strong brands with unique appeal are becoming the body and soul of 21st century businesses.

Good brand equity is imperative as it helps products and services to compete for attention and incremental sales. A well-established brand gets a first-mover advantage and a chance to reap the financial benefits.

By Kissing the Frog, you will learn that our philosophy is to balance the perfect blend of creativity, innovation and useability in order to strengthen the brands we work with.

Be that a website, email campaign, interactive flash application, eBrochure, mobile application, photography or press advertising material, we pride ourselves on finding the right blend of excellence in order to help your brand ‘connect’ with your audience, ultimately resulting in a high return on investment.

Established in 2009, Kiss the Frog is a culmination of years of experience in the digital and offline creative industries. Our ethos is to bring a dynamic and funky approach to all aspects of our work which results in innovative and cutting edge solutions for our clients.

We are only small, but we have extensive experience – this has been proven to work in your favour. As there are so many digital agencies to choose from, what makes us stand out is our methodology of maintaining a strong personal touch with our clients by focusing on what we know best – and doing it best. We care about our clients’ brands and we actually spend time researching effective ways to market it before we dive head on into a project.

We work with you, not for you.

When you work with us, you’ll see that we think and breathe creative, our rates are very competitive and you’re guaranteed to be treated as a valued client throughout the lifecycle of the relationship… and beyond!

Meet the guys who Make It Happen…



Creative Genius, Mentor, Inspirator, Conspirator

Flex here – if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m that good looking, smooth, green dude that’s all over the website. I know you like me already, but I gotta tell you, this green fella’s not just a pretty face. So why don’t you check out what I can do for you and get in touch with me.

I got a cool blog as well, so get involved, say what you feel and maybe pick up a few pointers along the way. I don’t bite…vegetarian here. To be honest folks, in my spare time I just like chillin’ out on the shores with my caipirinha and a bit of Bob Marley in the background =)



Founder & Creative Director

With over fourteen years’ experience in design and development, I’ve taken a stronghold of my knowledge of all things creative when launching Kiss The Frog. The vision is simple – long term client relationships and flexibility in everything we do to ensure the most effective solution.

Why is Kiss The Frog successful? A big part of this has to do with the fact that my creativity is more of an obsession than a profession. Constantly pushing the boundaries and unfazed by new technologies means the delivered result always has something unique and beneficial to the client.